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Available procedures

Water Procedures  
Carbonic Bath 355 Kč
Bubble bath 370 Kč
Swimming pool (max.10 people/1 hour) 490 Kč
Exercise in swimming pool 190 Kč
Underwater massage 390 Kč
Manual underwater massage 580 Kč
Honey bath 435 Kč
Ingredient bath* 390 Kč

Full Body Wraps  
Remineralization and firming wrap „Vital“ 725 Kč
Detoxifying seaweed wrap against cellulite 725 Kč
Mud wrap from the Dead sea 725 Kč
Full body wraps** 725 Kč

Partial Wraps  
Facial and decollete oatmeal wrap 410 Kč
Partial wraps** 495 Kč
Paraffin Wax Treatment for Hands 170 Kč

Full Body Massage  
Lava stones full body massage 980 Kč
Aromatherapy full body massage 760 Kč
Classical full body massage 655 Kč
Full body massage*** 725 Kč

Partial Massages  
Classic partial massage 390 Kč
Aloe Vera Massage 380 Kč
Facial and decollete aromatherapy massage 540 Kč
Lava stones partial massage 540 Kč
Honey massage 540 Kč
Sea massage 435 Kč
Candella massage 540 Kč
Partial massage*** 435 Kč
Reflexology foot massage 390 Kč
Lymph Drainage for the Legs 310 Kč
Facial Lymphatic Drainage 310 Kč
Hydrojet 335 Kč

Inhalation 240 Kč
Oxygentherapy 270 Kč
Salt cave - adults 170 Kč
Salt cave – 3 – 15 years old and seniors 100 Kč
Infrasauna 170 Kč
Steam sauna 170 Kč
Dry carbonic bath 355 Kč
Gas bath 100 Kč
Exilis for fat reduction 515 Kč

*Kneipp, sea salt, juniper with sea buckthorn, hemp, lavender, cranberry, rose, whisky
**chocolate, cranberry, rose, coconut, hemp, whisky
***juniper with sea buckthorn, hemp, cranberry, chocolate, rose, whisky

Procedures after medical recommendation

Electro procedures  
Endomed 195 Kč
Ultrasonic 240 Kč
Diadynamic 195 Kč
Four-chambered bath 240 Kč
Myostimulation 265 Kč

Mobilization of spine 385 Kč
Reflection massage 440 Kč
Individual therapeutic exercise 410 Kč
Motosplint 240 Kč

Biolamp 130 Kč
Gasinjection 180 Kč
Paraffin compress 330 Kč
Lymfoven 310 Kč
Whirlpool 255 Kč
Walking training Polar 165 Kč
Group exercise 130 Kč
Ergometric training 165 Kč

Medical procedures  
medical examination upon arrival (with ECG) by cardiologist 1 260 Kč
Doctor Consultation 155 Kč
ECG 260 Kč
ECG Holter 1 890 Kč
Echocardiography 1 890 Kč
Bandage Change 75 Kč
Blood Pressure Measurement 60 Kč
Intravenous Injection 165 Kč
Subcutaneous or Intramuscular Injection 110 Kč

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